Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sam Willows

This is my story for Trohyman's thing! This has nothing to do with my fanfic(s)! Enjoy! The girl passed by Audrina in the alley- her next victim. She didn't take note of the age or appearance of her- none of that was important. What was important was that she fed soon, before the others got there. She turned to the doorway where the girl had entered. She could break in, or knock on the door. She went with the most thrilling way- this was her kill anyway. She covered her fist with the strap of cloth she wore around her arm and punched the window. She stepped through lightly, glass shards flying in mid air, then landing on the cheap linoleum floor with a delicate tinkling chime. Hearing the noise, the girl rushed down the steep stairs, probably expecting a robber. What she found was a shock: a young woman in jeans and a ripped shirt, with brown hair reaching her slim shoulders. "C-c-can I help you, ma'am?" The girl squeaked, stunned by Audrina's unnatural beauty. "Yes," she replied smiling, flashing her fangs that stuck out from the other perfect teeth. Before the girl could do anything stupid -like screaming- Audrina knocked her to the ground, sinking her fangs in. A shadowed figure dived through the broken window, diving towards her. He pushed her away from the crying girl and turned towards her. "She's MINE!" Audrina growled, cheated of her kill. Her fangs retracted slightly as she sprinted towards the vampire, but he was much older and stronger than her. He shoved her out of the way and whirled around to the girl still lying on the floor. "Go!" He snarled, and -sobbing- her lunch ran away. "How dare you!" Audrina shrieked, her beautiful face contorted with fury. "She was MINE! Who are you to interfere with something even you can't control?!" The man stood still, his dark eyes looking distant, even though they were directed towards at her. "I," he said, "am Sam Willows." He wasn't a name Audrina had heard of before- but she never really listened to names anymore. He wasn't anyone from the house, so no one would miss him if he died. She had been trained to kill, no, she had been created to kill. He had stolen her meal- and so she would make him pay. "I am going to kill you." She growled. He stared at her for a moment -as if he was analysing whether she was a worthy opponent- and then he sprang over her head. He was out the window before she spun around. She threw herself out into the alley, but he wasn't there anymore. She jumped onto the roof tops and up and down blocks -desperate to kill, to hear the violent crack of splintering bone. But he was gone, out of her reach. Audrina flung herself down on a roof, next the full moon, and howled her pain and misery to the silent city of Dublin.


    FANTASTIC Nyx! I love it! Beautiful name for the girl vamp. TO bad she didn't get to eat.

    Well done Nyx.