Sunday, February 20, 2011


Some nights, when Nyx sleeps, she’ll dream about her former life, a life when she was oblivious to the world of magic. Most nights, she resists visiting those memories, but it is hard to forget, hard to leave the faces that still haunt her.

Tonight was one of those nights, and so she drifted off into the night, reliving those memories…

Her name had been Talia.

She was with her friend Kristy, the day before her life changed dramatically. It was a cloudy day, as it had rained most of the days before and most sensible people had stayed inside, away from the slippery roads and stormy sky.

Of course, Kristy and her hadn’t been very sensible at the time, so they were out in the bleak sun of Rome, something that didn’t happen very often. They were both so focused in their discussion of which way they should turn to get to the theatre, that they didn’t notice the man in black watching them. Watching her.

They carried on with the rest of their afternoon, eventually splitting as they reached her house. As Talia entered, she knew something was wrong. Her usually chirpy mother was now sitting at the kitchen bench, her shoulders hunched. Talia frowned as she stepped inside; her mother looked over her shoulder and gave her a weak smile. “Hi darling,” she spoke softly, her voice catching on the last word. “How was today?”

“It was alright…” Talia’s frown deepened as she sat next to her mum. “What’s wrong?” She broke in before the woman had time to protest, “and don’t say that there’s nothing wrong.” She smiled.

“You can read me now, can’t you?” Talia nodded. Sighing, her mother called out for her father. “Adriano?” He stepped in, almost immediately. They both looked like they had aged by twenty years. She looked at him expectedly. He sighed before launching into the story.

“Whilst you were gone with Kristy, about five minutes before you arrived, a man came to our door. He didn’t introduce himself, and when I asked who he was, all he said was “It’s not important right now.” He didn’t come in, and all he did was give us something, telling us something absurd about how it would be important for you. He left right after that.”

Seeing as he wasn’t going to say anymore, Talia asked, “What did he leave for me?”

He studied her for a while. “A dagger.” He finally replied. “He gave you a dagger.”

Waking up with a jolt of realisation, Nyx scrambled out of bed, to get ready for her meeting. She had about an hour to meet Dusk, but she didn’t want to keep him waiting. If she was late, he might not trust her anymore. She was one of the only people he trusted.

Even if she didn’t trust him anymore.


  1. So good. I love your writing style.

  2. Dear dear geckos...this is just brilliant that it brings a fake tear to my eye...*wipes away the imaginary tear* Your writing is so awesome, Nyx!

  3. This is freakin' awesome.

    Nice work, Nyx! And i'm Australian to. You wouldn't happen to live anywhere near Adelaide, would you?

  4. lol, thanx guys!

    I really apperciate ur feedback!

    Yay, Hellboy!

    srry, I'm basically on the OPPOSITE side of Adelaide............but go Aussies!