Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Moving down the darkest alley Nyx could find, she slipped from the rooftop she had just been on top of. She moved swiftly, yet so silent, no human ear could have heard her.

But a magic-wielder’s could.

The silhouette stood out at the opening of the building. Nyx could tell it was a magic-wielder, even from a distance. She stepped warily through the rest of the alley, aware that they could now see and hear her. It seemed like the only reasonable option, if she turned around, or climbed up the wall, then she would seem scared. If she stayed where she was, then, surely, the figure would come to her, she had the higher hand if she came to them. There was no going back.

Of course, she could kill them, if she wanted to, but it was better to avoid that. She didn’t need anymore spare bodies to deal with. As she came closer and closer, Nyx realised that the “it” was actually a “she”. Was she as deadly as Nyx was? As she took one step closer, it was obvious that it was one-step too many. She barely had time to leap out of the way as the mysterious female swung her samurai sword around her. Cursing under her breath, Nyx looked up to see the girl grinning broadly, her teeth gleaming like her sword. “Hi Nyx,” she said cheerfully. “I’m Kallista Pendragon, I’ve been sent to give you a message, if you’re okay with that.” Seeing as Nyx was not going to say anything, she continued. “My companions would like you to join us, and leave whatever it is you are doing right now. If you come with us, then none of you’re past will be held against you.”

“And why,” asked Nyx coolly. “Would I want to do that?”

“I thought you’d ask that.” Kallista chirped, not losing her merry tone. “That’s what I’d ask if I was you, I think. So I prepared a list of reasons why you should. One: you’d be fighting crime, doing some good in the world. Two: there’d be tons of fights, testing you’re skills. Three…” She studied Nyx’s face for a second; quickly catching on that she didn’t have to hear all of what she said. Why hadn’t she killed her yet? That was what was buzzing around in Nyx’s head. She could strike out right now, stop her cheerful talking. But she didn’t. Maybe it was because her happy talk was something that amused her, it was hardly like she heard it everyday. “Well…I’ll just skip the rest, you get the idea. But you know, the part I like best,” she lowered her voice, so that Nyx had to lean in to hear what she was saying. “Is that it’s like a family. Maybe not biologically, but still. We’re all in it together.” Nyx laughed at that part. Even though some small part of her tugged at her chest with longing for a family again. Those kinds of thoughts were dangerous to even think about. She shouldn’t feel. She couldn’t feel. Not when your daily routine was based on slaying innocent people for a living. “That sounds like some terrible line from a Disney movie.”

“I know,” Kallista’s smile grew bigger, if possible. “But it’s true. And secretly, you want it to be true.”

She was right, but Nyx couldn’t let herself give in to those feelings. Not yet, anyway. “Listen,” she said. “I have to be somewhere now, so I don’t have time for team motivators, or whatever.”

“Just think about it,” Kallista insisted. “You might change your mind soon. Each of us has our own struggle…you might even find you like it with us. Here’s my card,” she said handing a small piece of white paper. “You can call me whenever.” And with that, she leaped onto the nearest roof, bounding away at an astonishing pace. Nyx looked down at the card (well, card might have been an overstatement). It was just a piece of paper with a number hastily scribbled on. Nyx sighed and stuffed it in the pocket inside her jacket.

She stepped into the dimly lit street, and made her way to the old red café. Although it was late in the afternoon, the clouds shrouded any sunlight that dared to peek through. She made here way to the far table in the corner, sitting down on one of the cushioned seats. She ordered a coffee, to not look suspicious and waited. About a minute later, Dusk stepped into the café, and headed towards her. He sat across from her with a brief case in his hand. Nyx knew that it would be holding her pay check, files for her next victim, and his syringes to stop him from ripping his client’s throats out at night.

“I assume they’re dead?” He asked as soon as he sat.

“Wow, you really cut to the point,” Nyx remarked, arching an eyebrow. He shrugged.

“I really don’t see the point, so yes?” She nodded. “In that case, you deserve this,” He slid the envelope -he had somehow got out of the briefcase without making a sound- over to her. He pulled out the files as she grasped it. One more step to getting back home. “You’ll also need this.” She took the files and placed them on her lap with the envelope. He nodded in an approving manner. “You have adapted from when I first lifted the blindfold off your eyes,” he quoted from one of his favourite sayings, following the words of what she had been taught from.

When Nyx had joined Dusk and the rest, it was as if she was an infant again, even if she had been fourteen years old then. She had been taught, along with magic and combat skills, that when you didn’t know about the magic world, you were “blinded” in a sense. But now she was “awoken” or “had been given sight”. There were many quotes that she had been taught, but they all meant the same things. She was different from the mortals. Yes, “mortals”. That was what they were called. But she, and many others, were called “magic-wielders”. And they were higher than the others.

Nyx smiled. “Well, I had a good mentor.” She replied. Dusk gave her one of his quick, rare smiles. Knowing that there was no point staying, he stood. “I’ll leave you now,” he said, glancing at the waitress eyeing him reproachfully. Probably because he hadn’t ordered anything. “And I suggest you get straight on to those files. There are more than usual.” Nyx waved airily.

“I’ll be on them soon enough. But right now, I have a coffee coming.”


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